Deposits & Spa Bookings
Your appointment time is specifically reserved for you. We have set aside the time and product necessary to provide you with exceptional services; because of this we do require that you provide a valid Credit Card when reserving your appointment.

Online Booking
If booking a package, please call (253) 460-4681 to book.  For those booking online we require a phone number. Failure to properly book your appointment will result in a cancellation and 100% of the scheduled service total will be charged to your credit card within 24 hours of the initial booking time.

Please Note:

  • Spa Vita Bella requires a valid Credit Card at the time of Booking.
  • A minimum of 24 hours of advance notice is required when canceling an appointment. Not giving the proper notice (24 hours) to cancel or reschedule will result in needing to Prepay for your next appointment at the time of booking.
  • Cancellations less than 24 hours in advance or “No Shows” will be charged in full for the scheduled Service or Treatment.
  • Gift Certificate Clients who “No Show” or cancel less than 24 hours in advance will forfeit 50% of Gift Certificate total.
  • Spa Parties of 3 or more people require 72 hours advance cancellation notice to avoid being charged in full for booked Services or Treatments

Peace & Tranquility
To enhance your Spa experience and ensure that all guest including yourself, receive a tranquil and relaxing experience we do require that all Cell Phones remain off during your visit. Personal electronics are prohibited unless you are accompanying them with ear phones to ensure they do not interrupt the other guests.

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Debit and Cash are gladly accepted. We DO NOT accept checks.

Frequently Asked Questions


What should I expect when I arrive?
We ask that you arrive about 10 Minutes prior to your scheduled time. Upon arrival you will be greeted by our Staff, offered a beverage and asked to complete a questionnaire in relation to the Treatments you will receive. This questionnaire will guide us in utilizing the proper products and will help us to customize the treatment to your specific needs.What if I am running late?
We will do our best to accommodate late arrivals, however at times our Spa is fully booked and there will be appointments immediately following yours, your Treatment may have to be cut short in order to end on time. Full Treatment price will still be charged.What should I wear to my appointment?
If you will be receiving multiple Treatments, we will provide you with a Gown, Robe and Slippers to use while enjoying your services.

For Individual Treatments
  • Massage– Your Practitioner will give you the option to disrobe completely or leave on your undergarments, then lay between the warmth of our heated sheets. (Your Practitioner will keep all areas that are not being worked on at that time covered.)
  • Facial– Your Aesthetician will provide you with a gown to change into.
  • Body Wraps– You may either choose to wear your undergarments, a swimsuit or to use our disposable undergarment.
  • Sugaring– Your Aesthetician will ask you to remove the clothing from the area to be sugared. Depending on the area to be sugared, you will be provided with a modesty towel.
  • Manicures & Pedicures– Everyday clothing is perfectly fine to wear for your Manicure and Pedicure. We will ask you to pull your pant legs up to your knees. If this is not possible in what you are wearing, we are happy to provide you with a gown and robe to change into. It is recommended that if you are not already wearing open toe shoes, that you bring a pair with you to wear home.


I am getting sugared, how long should my hair be? Anything else I should know about my sugaring?

Hair should be about a quarter an inch in length or about the length of a grain of rice. It needs to be at least 14 days since your last shave. If hair is much longer than a half-inch it is recommended to trim or allow us to at the time of your appointment. Hydration (drinking water) is key, skin will be moisturized leaving it more comfortable when it comes time to remove the wax.

What exactly is Brazilian?

A Brazilian Sugar Wax is similar to an Extended Bikini except with a Brazilian all of the hair (both front and back) is removed. Some Clients choose to leave a strip or triangle, although this is still charged at a Brazilian rate.

Can I get a Brazilian while on my Menstrual Cycle?

This is a personal preference of the client. Hormonal fluctuations at the time of your cycle can cause skin sensitivity, bruising and excessive redness or swelling but if you still choose to attend your appointment we do require you to insert a clean tampon upon arrival to The Spa.

How often should I sugar?

Hair has a 90 day growth cycle and grows in 3 cycles. At any time 1/3 of the hair is in the resting phase beneath the surface. Sugaring once per month, beginning just after your Menstrual Cycle ends will provide you with the best opportunity to catch all three cycles of hair growth. If you sugar sporadically and are not maintaining a schedule you are only getting the hairs on the surface, not the hair on the way up. This can lead to what appears to be “broken hairs” after sugaring, but in fact is actually a new growth cycle of hair.

What is a Detox Body Wrap?

A body wrap shrinks the fat cells by pulling the toxins from the body. This leaves empty pockets between fat cells that are compressed by the body wrapping bandages and results in immediate reduction of body weight which gives you immediate reduction in size. Although a portion of your inch loss results from compression, the majority of your inch loss is caused by elimination of toxins from around your fat cells. The combination of the Detox Wrap and Lymphatic Brushing maximizes the amount of toxins that are flushed from your system. This wrap is the perfect complement to your weight loss program.

What is Lymphatic Body Brushing?

Body Brushing follows the direction of lymphatic flow and acupuncture meridians to stimulate the body’s own lymphatic system. This stimulation helps rid the body of toxic waste. Brushing the skin promotes both circulation and lymphatic drainage. It stimulates nutrients and flushes out toxins, thus improving the immune function. The brushing promotes the flow of vital energy and relieves the body of tension. Brushing gives the skin a youthful glow and helps reverse degenerative conditions thus assisting in slowing the aging process.

What do I need to know before getting a Body Wrap? 

Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! This will help to better flush the toxins from your system. You will sweat quite a bit during your wrap and if you are not properly hydrated, can lead to a nauseous or sick feeling as well. We recommend that you eat a light meal 2-3 hours before your wrap. When booking your Body Wrap, ask to be emailed our Body Wrap Diet Plan that can help you better achieve the results you want. For best results we recommend that you exercise or get a massage just prior to your wrap. Like we said, you will sweat! Bring a change of undergarments, or we can provide disposable for you to use.

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