Botox at Spa Vita Bella – by Tiara

02 Oct 2016

Many people believe that Botox is for the vain and narcissist creatures of our species who wish to freeze time, whilst freezing their facial muscles and getting rid of wrinkles and other undesirable side effects of nature’s reminder of our time on this planet- aging. But did you know that Botox was originally formulated to treat spasms? Eye spasms in particular, and upon injecting the area with Botox they found the look of crow’s feet and other wrinkles would be diminished around the site of injection because of the properties in Botox that “freeze” the muscles- and if you can’t move the area, you can’t create wrinkles, right? So if.

Detoxing Foot Soak- by Tiara

26 Sep 2016

Detoxing. We have all heard of it and we know that there are TONS of different methods of detoxing: there are fruit and veggie detoxes, smoothies cleanses, sitting in the 145degree sauna every other day, dry brushing and multiplying your water intake just to name a few. But have you heard of the foot detox? First, why do we detox? Well that sacred body of yours- the one we only get one of so we must take care of, that’s a starter to why we detox. Also we want to make our bodies more alkaline because diseases live and breed in acidic environments. The more alkaline your body is the.

Sunless Tanning – by Tiara

19 Sep 2016

Who doesn’t love it when their skin looks sun-kissed, bronze and healthy?! We can’t argue and say we haven’t had an early and lovely summer here in the Pacific Northwest with temperatures breaking records and surprising us all- but who really has time away from their jobs, kids, or other priorities to sit in the sun and work on our golden glow? Not me! And who wants to willingly expose themselves to skin damaging UV rays and lay in a pool of your own sweat in a bed that someone else was lying in ten minutes prior while increasing their risk of destroying their DNA? Again, not me! If you.

Spa Vita Bella Treatments for Cellulite – by Liliya Dailey LMP

31 Mar 2016

Many people have a misinterpretation of what cellulite really is. Diet and exercise are not always enough to reduce the appearance of cellulite marks. Cellulite is caused when our bodies store waste and toxins within fat pockets and fascial tissues. Working in the massage industry, I’ve noticed that cellulite and adhesions (feel like little knots in muscle tissue) caused by fascial restrictions in the soft tissues accompany one another. If you have habits of caffeine, alcohol, bad carbohydrates, processed foods, reduced body movement, lack of water intake, and any other use of toxins; you most likely have both cellulite and soft tissue adhesions. All of the above mentioned habits will.

Don’t let this be you: Too much hair in there? – by Britnee Patjens

30 Sep 2015
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Sounds painful right? It’s not at all! It’s done and over within 2 minutes and it’s safer than you think. There is no need for stray hairs poking out of your nose but there is good reason to keep some hairs way up there. Nose hair helps filter pollens, dust and dirt from the air we breathe in everyday so they do serve a biological purpose, nose waxing just removes the visible hairs and fuzz creeping around the base of your nose so it’s perfectly safe to do. No need to mess with trimmers or scissors ever again. This quick procedure lasts for about 3 weeks and saves you the.

Don’t let this be you: Wax Mishaps – by Britnee Patjens

26 Jun 2015
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I have heard several horror stories over the 3 years working front desk at Spa Vita Bella and they all basically boil down to; DON’T GET WAXED AT A NAIL SALON & DON’T DO IT YOURSELF! So here is a blog to explain some reasons why…….. Go to a Nail Salon for your nails, not hair removal……. First and foremost Nail Technicians are not licensed to remove your hair; only certified licensed Cosmetologist and Estheticians have had proper training and educational requirements to be performing this service. – Most common Nail Salon mistakes #1. Double dipping! Using the same stick on multiple clients adds hair follicles and dead skin cells.

Don’t let this be you; Acne Picking – by Britnee Patjens

24 Jun 2015
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Although acne is completely frustrating, there are things you can do to get it under control. There are also a few things you shouldn’t do … picking at pimples if you are really wanting to get clear results and feel good about your skin. Take the hands off approach- Popping and picking pimples prolongs healing time and raises the risks of scarring. Picking spreads infection and actually worsens your acne. Healing- Even when acne comes on fast, it still takes time to heal. Healing time is usually between 6-12 weeks. With the help of targeting acne products at a prescription level, healing time can be less than 6 weeks, this.

The Winter Wonderland Massage

21 Nov 2014
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Winter is upon us. That usually means dry skin, colds and flus, and a little extra stress from the holidays. In addition, many people suffer a bit more depression, or the “winter blues” this time of year. In Spa Vita Bella’s massage department, we’d like to address all of these special winter needs with a luxurious and pampering massage treatment package. The Winter Wonderland Massage Package: Infrared Dry Sauna Session Herbal Immune Support Foot Soak and Scrub Full Body Mineral Salt scrub Full Body Massage with All Natural Body Butter Peppermint Scalp Massage Start off with an Infrared Dry Sauna session. There are many health benefits received from our dry sauna,.

All about Sugaring at Spa Vita Bella

06 Jun 2014
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It has been proclaimed as being ‘the sweetest in hair removal‘ Sugaring, an ancient middle-eastern practice now available in Tacoma that uses an all natural paste (not grainy!) with only sugar, water and lemon juice to remove the hair follicle from the root. Depending on your hair growth rate, results can last up to six weeks and sugaring requires 1/8 – 1/4 of hair growth for removal. There are no waxes or resin in the unique sugar paste and since sugar is a natural preservative bacteria cannot grow so no contamination or cross contamination. There are so many advantages to getting sugared, but it really should only be done by.

Acne causes and solutions

16 Apr 2014
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Acne is a disorder of the skin characterized by whiteheads, blackheads, large pores, papules, cysts, increased oil production and inflammation. Causes of Acne: •Increased buildup of dead skin cells within pores •Increased oil production •Bacteria •Inflammation •Hormonal imbalances Hormonal Acne More common in adolescents and middle-aged women, and is usually accompanied by an overproduction of oil (sebum). Cyclical breakouts are usually seen around the chin and lower cheeks. Cosmetic Acne Caused by irritating and pore-clogging ingredients found in everyday products such as makeup, laundry detergents and hair products. Inflammatory Acne Characterized by redness, inflammation, and discomfort. Asphyxiated Acne Characterized by roughness of the skin, the buildup of dead skin cells,.

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