At Home Care After a Massage

You just came in for a massage at Spa Vita Bella and it’s time to go home and relax and do some stretching for the problem areas on your body that you just had worked out. Many clients do not realize that they have implements all around the house they can use to help them ease any pain, soreness, or stiffness they are still experiencing and to keep that reoccurring tension from happening here are a few things that you can do that are simple and not time consuming.

Tennis Balls– Use a tennis ball between the shoulders and spin up against the wall and gage your own pressure to help refuse some of the tension that is built up in the muscles. This happens from everyday stress from working at a computer to construction working, whatever the job may be we hold a lot of tension in our lower back and by laying on the floor and placing a tennis ball on the glut muscles and putting a bit of pressure on it helps alleviate tight muscles.

Golf Balls- Tell your husband you need to borrow a couple. Golf balls are great for your feet! Keep a couple golf balls in a zip lock bag in the fridge and let them get nice and cold, after a hard day at work you can use them on the bottom side of your feet just by rolling your feet over them on the floor while watching TV or reading. This helps with inflammation and planters fasciitis by breaking down the layers of ligaments and muscle fibers.

Frozen Water Bottle- These are perfect for headaches, especially if you are trying to rid your headache naturally. Keep a frozen water bottle in the freezer for tension headaches, best way to utilize the water bottle is to lay on the floor or flat on the couch and wrap a hand towel around bottle and place it under your neck. For more comfort bend your knees so there isn’t too much pressure on your lower back.

Try these at home tricks and let us know when you come in for your next massage how you felt!
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Trevor @ Hop Creative