Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Who should get Deep Tissue Massage? Anyone with a wish to feel BETTER! If you are having any sort of ache or pain, been in a car accident, been injured in any way, you need Deep Tissue. Many people think of massage as a luxury. Think again! Many major medical Insurance Companies are now accepting massage as a form of Treatment. If Insurance Companies are realizing the benefits, there must be something great about Deep Tissue Massage.

Often times, here at Spa Vita Bella, people are afraid to get Deep Tissue Massage because they think it is going to hurt. It can, but doesn’t always. People often say that after a Deep Tissue treatment they feel slightly tender but then they feel great! The tenderness is usually described as if they had done a really intense workout. When you receive the Deep Tissue Massage, it will do many beneficial things for the body. Most people build up adhesion’s in many areas of their body which decreases Range of Motion. Deep Tissue will decrease the amount of adhesion’s, assist in the process of breaking up scar tissue, decrease Hyper-tonic muscles (better known as knots), increase circulation, influence relaxation later and release the natural toxins that become entangled in the body.

Overall, by receiving Deep Tissue Massage, your body will experience many great benefits that can last for many days. Our Spa Vita Bella Massage Therapists are highly skilled in providing you with a Deep Tissue Massage to improve your overall body wellness.

We look forward to providing you with relaxation and rejuvenation!

Trevor @ Hop Creative