Benefits of Pedicures & Manicures

Monthly Pedicures and bi-weekly Manicures are highly recommended, with busy lives and always on the go we are constantly on our feet and using our hands. Most people view Manicures and Pedicures as a seasonal treatment, but it is more than that! All of the products and methods used in both treatments at Spa Vita Bella are for the benefit of the Client. Our Spa Pedicure incorporates a short Reflexology Treatment and Hot Stone Massage that helps increase circulation and soothe tired muscles. An organic Salt Scrub removes dry dull skin, revealing smooth and radiant skin! Having properly trimmed toe nails will decrease the possibility of in-grown toe nails, discomfort and looks esthetically more pleasing, all which can be accomplished easily with one of our Pedicures at Spa Vita Bella.

Nail Polish Industry has evolved with better and healthier ways of wearing polish, called Gel Polish, which we provide at Spa Vita Bella, makes weak, thin and short nails become stronger and longer that will last up to a week and a half without chipping! Wow!

All in all, if you continue having monthly Pedicures and bi-weekly Manicures you will be having radiant, beautiful and most importantly healthy nails, hands and feet year round.

Trevor @ Hop Creative