Chi Detox Slimming Wrap

Celebrities have brought Detox programs to light recently, making it not only seem like a trendy way to lose weight but also a healthy and fast method, no need to go to Hollywood though! Spa Vita Bella right here in Tacoma offers these same celebrity secrets such as The Chi Detox Slimming Wrap.

If you just want to look and feel great for a certain event such as an upcoming PT test, date, wedding, beach day, etc.  then one wrap will do. But if you want to do a “body change” then you will need to do a series of wraps, ideally 6-10, once a week until you achieve your ultimate body goal. Then do maintenance wraps once or twice a month until you reach a point where you do not need them but only on rare occasion.

Chi Detox Slimming Wraps help to take off those extra inches by removing harmful toxins from the skin, they also reduce stretch marks, diminish cellulite, tone and tighten common problem areas like stomach, buttocks, chest, neck, thighs and arms for men and women. The Chi Wrap combined with diet and exercise will get you on the fast track to an amazing body this summer.

Preparing for the wrap is simple

  • Be sure to drink plenty of water the day before and the minutes leading up to your wrap, STAY HYDRATED
  • Eat a light healthy snack 2-3 hours prior to your visit
  • Bring a change of under garments

*We take full body measurements before and after your wrap to show how many inches you lose instantly.

*Spa Vita Bella will provide you with a dietary plan to help keep those unwanted inches off.

To Schedule an appointment or for questions please call Spa Vita Bella, Tacoma, WA at
(253) 460-4681 

Trevor @ Hop Creative