Link Between Weight Loss & Detox

The New Year is the perfect start to the new you!! Here at Spa Vita Bella we want to help you on your fresh beginning, to renew yourself and help you get your energy back! One very important process in achieving this is through detoxification. Detoxification plays a central role in weight loss and maintaining a good healthy lifestyle.

Our bodies naturally Detox 24 hours a day! We need to support our body’s ability to Detox through positive lifestyle choices, such as enhanced nutrition, limit toxic exposures, exercise, and stress reduction.

 Detoxification does not mean fasting , juicing or any extreme procedures, nor do we recommend any of these. All of these can be dangerous to your health and it undermines the body’s ability to detoxify naturally by depriving the body of proper nutrition.

The point of a losing weight through a proper personalized detox program is to help your body process toxins by giving it more nutrition. But why is it important to help your body detox? Because toxins may be blocking your fat cells and causing you to not lose weight.

Your liver is a major organ for detoxification. In order for the liver to function well and do its job of detoxifying it requires proper nutrition. This means the proper amount and the right types of foods that will fit your lifestyle along the way to helping you achieve your optimum healthy new lifestyle!

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Trevor @ Hop Creative