Modern Eyelash Extensions Now in Tacoma

Eyelash extensions are special lash enhancements that are created to add length, fullness and thickness to your normal eyelashes.  They are like hair extension for your hair but these are for your lashes. 

The use of false eyelashes started in 1916 when a director was filming a movie.  He wanted one of the actresses in the film to have longer lashes so that her eyes would stand out.  The first set of false lashes was made from human hair that was woven into thin gauze by a wig creator.

The process of adding new eyelash extensions takes about an hour and a half to two hours from start to finish.  Most people have about 30 to 80 lashes on each eye.  The wide array in the number of lashes dictates how long it will take to apply them. 

Spa Vita Bella in Tacoma offers mink eyelash extensions.  They offer their clients a choice in variety of lengths and thickness so they can get the appearance they are striving for.  They also offer 3D lash extensions.  These are natural looking lash extensions but give your eyes the appearance of looking longer and fuller.  Permanent lashes are the latest craze it seems.  With perm lashes you don’t have to curl your lashes ever again.  This treatment is designed to curl your natural ashes and brightens the look of your eyes.

Lash extensions can help you look years younger as well as create a look of brighter eyes, rested eyes and fuller eyes.Spa Vita Bella in Tacoma, WA has trained Lash Extension professionals ready to enhance those beautiful eyes. Call 253-460-4681 to schedule your appointment.

Trevor @ Hop Creative