Q&A about the Chocolate & Facial Treatment

In this Q&A, Tanya Lewis will explain how May’s Facial Treatment can help clear acne, lighten sun-damaged skin and revitalize the skin to get it ready for summer. 

Tanya: There are really two treatments in one facial that a client can receive with Spa Vita Bella’s May special. The Chocolate Enzyme prepares skin for the Oxygen Rx Treatment, so it is a two in one facial. 

Monica: Let’s start with the Chocolate Enzyme, because that sounds delicious. What types of skin does that apply to and how can someone tell if they have that skin type?

T: Well the Chocolate Enzyme is best for people who have sensitive skin, acne, or aging skin. Signs of aging skin can include; fine lines, uneven skin tone, dark circles under the eyes, or a lack of luster in their skin.  Acne can be characterized by mild red breakouts on the face, back and chest.  Sensitive skin is usually fine in texture, pink and sensitive to touch.

M: How can the Chocolate Enzyme help these skin conditions?

T: The chocolate enzyme clears the pores of dry skin cells and opens them up to accept oxygen. The presence of oxygen makes it easier for the pores to absorb nutrients. The enzyme is like PAC Man who goes through the maze eating up all the food. The enzyme (PAC Man) goes through the skin dissolving all the dead skin cells, removing the keratin and protein build up.

M: What are the overall benefits of the chocolate enzyme treatment?

T: The treatment helps brighten and clarify the skin. This may help take away that lack of luster. The treatment is also an anti-inflammatory so it calms skin that has acne. The chocolate enzyme also moistens dry calloused hands, feet, knees, and elbows.

M: What kind of skin types can the Oxygen Rx Treatment help?

T: The Oxygen treatment can help people with any skin type, but it is specifically beneficial for persons with acne, rosacea, sun-damaged and blotchy skin.

M: What are some of the benefits of having an Oxygen Rx Treatment?

T: With people who have sun-damaged skin, it helps lighten and fade scars.  The skin can function easier, because the oxygen opens pores letting it absorb nutrients. The treatment will also leave a client’s skin feeling brightened and firm, which is excellent for someone who has rosacea.

M: Interesting, what is it like to get the treatment?

T: At Spa Vita Bella, we have a relaxing atmosphere and our staff is ready to pamper our clients. All our treatments are non-invasive and you’ll see immediate results. We have three licensed estheticians and a MD.  The staff at Spa Vita Bella use professional and medical products with active ingredients that are effective.  When you leave, we educate clients about their home care protocol.

M: How can I get an appointment?

T: The treatment all together (chocolate and oxygen facials) is only $90.00 and we are open seven days a week. Clients are welcome to make an appointment or walk in. To make an appointment they can call (253) 460-4681.

M: Sounds terrific! Thank you!  

Trevor @ Hop Creative