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Eminence Organic Skincareaddresses a variety of skin concerns such as aging and wrinkling, sun damage, acne, loss of tone, vitality and radiance. Eminence brings you the cure from nature with ingredients that are good enough to eat and aromas that will make you want to such as the Coconut Cream Masque, Sour Cherry Moisturizer and Citrus Exfoliating Wash!

Choosing the right skincare line for your skin can seem like a daunting task, then choosing the right product within that line can be flat out overwhelming. Here at Spa Vita Bella we provide you with Estheticians trained in the Eminence Product line that can help you sort through the variety of product and help you choose the product that is right for your skin.

Our Staff won’t just send you home with your new product, we will take the time to go over how to properly use your product so that you get the best results from it. Dry skin, Normal/Combination, Oily or skin with Acne; Eminence Organic has the right product for you.

Need help determining what your skin type is?  
Although a skin consultation with an Esthetican can help you best determine, here is a quick guide:

Dry Skin:
Skin feels dry and tight, sometimes you may see flakes on your cheeks, chin and forehead. Fine lines may be present around your eye and lip contour area.

Normal/Combination Skin:
Skin has an even tone, not overly dry or oily.  From time to time you may experience oiliness on your chin, nose or forehead or dryness on your cheeks, lips and around your eye area.

Oily Skin:
Skin is shiny, has visible pores and is prone to spots and blemishes. Makeup seems to slide off your skin as soon as it is applied.

Acne Skin:
Skin is usually characterized by normal to oily that persistently breaks out, is clogged, reactive and is sometimes inflamed.

We all know the basics of skin care: cleansing, toning and moisturizing but did you know that Exfoliation is one of the main keys to vibrant skin? Regular exfoliation removes the hard keratin layer build-up bringing luminosity and clarity to the skin.  Exfoliation in younger skin unplugs pores and keeps the skin clear and smooth.  For mature skin, exfoliation is essential to help minimize fine lines, remove dry flakes and revive sluggish skin.

You can have beautiful skin and keep beautiful skin by having regular facials, maintaining a healthy diet and by using quality skincare products. We would be pleased to offer you a complimentary skincare consultation and talk with you about what products will be best for your skin type.

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