Take the sting out of waxing!

Introducing  ‘Tame the Pain’ Numbing Cream by Spa Vita Bella!  Irritating sting and pain of Waxing are significantly reduced with the use of Vita Bella Numbing Cream. 

Developed for Spa vita Bella, Numbing Cream topically reduces the painful experience associated with waxing resulting in a more comfortable and even quicker waxing experience.  Clients who have used Tame the Pain say they feel 50% less pain than when not using it and don’t need a break during the wax appointment.

Numbing Cream can be requested when you arrive for your appointment, and should be applied 15 minutes before waxing is to begin. Tame the Pain is only a $10 add-on to any waxing service. Perfect for Brazilian Waxing, Male Chest or Back Waxing and any other area that may be overly sensitive.  Take the worry out of waxing…Tame the Pain!

Ask your Esthetician about adding Numbing Cream to your next Waxing appointment!

Trevor @ Hop Creative