Therapeutic Detox Foot Bath

Going into the New Year of 2013 many resolutions have been made, Health is at the top of everyone’s list. What better way to rid your body of all the toxins and fat that was consumed over the years than a detox foot bath. This is one of the latest developments in the detox field available at Spa Vita Bella in Tacoma.

If you live in Tacoma and surrounding areas you know of the arsenic and lead problems that pollute our air. If it is in the air you are breathing then it is in your body as well. The human body is like a giant magnet that attracts and holds onto toxins, such as heavy metals, partially oxidized fats, unassimilated proteins, vast array of chemicals that pervade our water, air, and food. These toxins attach themselves in an ionized form to joints, organs, arteries, nerves and connective tissues disrupting their function and creating an environment for disease, allergies, and immune system breakdown.

A detox foot bath works by sending a small current of energy through the body to energize the body and help it return to its natural state of energy and balance, gentle vibration aides in the release of unwanted toxic particles through the pores on the soles of feet. Fact:  There are over 2,000 pores in each foot. During a session of detox with the foot detox bath, the water changes color, this represents the removal of toxins from one’s body and internal organs and tissues.


Some of the basic health claims of frequent Detox Foot Baths are :

  • Improved sleep and memory functions
  • Decrease recovery time after injuries, surgeries and diseases
  • Repairing the connective tissues, increase flexibility
  • Help to relieve headaches, arthritis, and joint pain
  • Improves hormonal disorders, ADHD,  panic and nervous disorders
  • Improves acne and various other skin conditions
  • Enhance the functioning of the detoxifying organs such as  liver, kidneys, colon, skin and lungs

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Trevor @ Hop Creative