You want to look younger, and all your friends are talking about Botox® …yet you still feel some apprehension and fear.

We all have to deal with the effects of aging at some point in our lives. Our skin become more lax, and the smaller wrinkles on our face seem to be getting bigger and more noticeable.  You notice that many of your friends look great, and you also know that they “do” Botox® – or in some circles, they are “getting the tox” or “doing the B”.  It is the number one cosmetic procedure performed in the United States…and the reason for that is because it works.  And it works well!  It softens and smooths the lines and wrinkles on your forehead and other areas.  You can look years younger following a treatment.

However, still people have certain fears regarding Botox®.

Many people are not liking the idea of injecting a “toxin” into the body.  But if you learn about what Botox® is, it may alleviate some of those fears.  First off, Botox® is a highly diluted medical grade purified protein.  This protein acts by preventing the contraction of the muscles that create the wrinkles.  So by relaxing the muscles, the involved wrinkles are relaxed and may disappear completely.  The results last for about four months on average.  So yes, Botox® is a toxin, but it is extremely diluted and is very unlikely to cause complications when used properly for cosmetic use. In fact, long term studies have concluded that Botox® is and has been safe for cosmetic use.

Others are concerned about the losing expression in their faces, or fear that they could look plastic.  Now truthfully, that “could” happen.  But with proper technique, Botox® can be administered in such a way as to keep the freedom of expression and a natural look….and this depends on the training and experience of the person injecting and communicating the goals you would like to accomplish with your treatment.  The best thing to do is get a consultation and address all of your concerns to your provider at that visit.

Overall, Botox® has helped millions of people feel better about their appearance.  It is simple, safe when administered properly, and works well to reverse the clock leaving you looking and feeling your best!  You can receive these services at Spa Vita Bella in Tacoma. Call now to schedule an appointment: 253-460-4681

Trevor @ Hop Creative