All about Sugaring at Spa Vita Bella

It has been proclaimed as being ‘the sweetest in hair removal‘ Sugaring, an ancient middle-eastern practice now available in Tacoma that uses an all natural paste (not grainy!) with only sugar, water and lemon juice to remove the hair follicle from the root. Depending on your hair growth rate, results can last up to six weeks and sugaring requires 1/8 – 1/4 of hair growth for removal.

There are no waxes or resin in the unique sugar paste and since sugar is a natural preservative bacteria cannot grow so no contamination or cross contamination.

There are so many advantages to getting sugared, but it really should only be done by a certified professional due to the specialized technique.

Less painful than waxing because sugar adheres to the hair, not the skin as the water hydrates the follicle and extracts only the hair

Since the formula is made of only organic and natural ingredients, it is water soluble and easy to clean up with warm water.

If hairs are missed, the sugar paste can be reapplied over the area because the sugar doesn’t adhere to the skin.

The temperature of the sugar is always luke warm and will NEVER burn or take off skin.

Using only  gloves and one piece of sugar paste, it is sanitary and easily disposable- No strips, sticks or double dipping!

Over time with consistent sugaring, hair starts to refine and dimish as the follicle dies out.
Professional sugaring products never adhere to live skin cells on bodies, faces, or legs. Therefore, when it is removed, it only gently exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving behind freshened skin on legs, bodies, and faces.
What sugaring will and will not do…

Sugaring will help:

  • eliminate ingrown hairs
  • prevent new ingrown hairs
  • extract all hair colors and textures
  • successfully treat all skin types and colors
  • improve the skin tone and texture

Sugaring will not:

  • burn the skin
  • damage the dermal cells
  • “pit” the delicate facial skin cells
  • scar the follicle mouth or surrounding area
  • promote cross contamination

What is Sugaring?

Sugaring was first used by ancient Egyptians around 1900 B.C for hair removal.  The sugar consists of sugar, water, and lemon juice.  It is applied at a lukewarm temperature with the hand of the sugarist.  The ball of paste is molded onto the skin in the opposite direction of hair growth.  It will then melt with the body temperature of the client and the sugarist, seeping down into the hair follicle.  Then with a flick, the hair is removed in the direction of growth.  The sugarist continues with this technique until all hair is removed.

Why sugaring over waxing…

Sugar paste is completely natural, using only sugar, water, and lemon juice. You can actually eat it!

Sugar will not stick to the skin.  It does not stick to moisture, therefore, won’t stick to live skin cells.  It will only gently exfoliate dead skin cells, leaving the skin a lot less red and irritated than with waxing.

Hair only needs to be about 1/8” long (about the size of a grain of rice) to be removed.  This is usually about 1-2 weeks worth of growth for most people. Compared to wax which needs to be at least ¼” long before being removed.

Sugar is 100% water soluable. So, you can leave clean and not worry about any residue left on the skin.

Sugar is not hot when applied.  There is no worry about getting burned.  It works with the body temperature of the client and the sugarist.

There is less breakage of the hair.  Therefore, there’s less chance of ingrown hairs.  Sugar is applied in the opposite direction of hair growth.  The sugar will melt into the hair follicle and then be flicked off in the direction of growth.

Sugaring is completely sanitary.  There is no double dipping in the pot. Sugar also does not breed bacteria.

When should I avoid sugaring?

If you currently have an infectious or contagious disease.

If you are currently taking any type of steroid such as prednisone.

If you are currently or have taken Accutane in the past 6 months.

If you are currently using Retinols such as Retin A, Renova, Differin, Tretinoin, etc. we cannot sugar the area in which you are using such medications but might be able to sugar other areas.

How should I prepare for my treatment?

Ensure that the area to be sugared is clean of any excess oils, lotion, deodorant, perfumes, etc.

Do not expose the area to be sugared to sun for 24 hours prior to your appointment.

Between treatments keep your skin exfoliated and hydrated.  Never use a razor, tweezers, or depilatory creams.

How old do I need to be to be sugared?

You can get sugared at any age.  If you are under the age of 18, you must have a parent/guardian accompany you to your appointment and they must sign a waiver form.  If you are under 18, we ask that you either call or drop in to make your appointments.

How often will I need to be sugared?

Typically you can go 3-5 weeks between treatments.  It really does vary on each individuals hair growth patterns and which body part is being treated.  Your esthetician will discuss with you what might be best for your individual needs.

Can I work out after a sugaring treatment?

We suggest no physical activity of any kind for 12-24 hours after a sugaring treatment.  When hair is removed the follicle remains open for a period of time and sweat and dirt can irritate the skin and in some case can even cause breakouts.

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