Botox at Spa Vita Bella

Many people believe that Botox is for the vain and narcissist creatures of our species who wish to freeze time, whilst freezing their facial muscles and getting rid of wrinkles and other undesirable side effects of nature’s reminder of our time on this planet- aging. But did you know that Botox was originally formulated to treat spasms? Eye spasms in particular, and upon injecting the area with Botox they found the look of crow’s feet and other wrinkles would be diminished around the site of injection because of the properties in Botox that “freeze” the muscles- and if you can’t move the area, you can’t create wrinkles, right?

So if Botox can assist in preventing muscle spasms, what else can it do that is beneficial to our health and not just our beauty? The answer on exactly how Botox prevents migraines has not yet been figured out, but somehow it does work to block these extremely uncomfortable hyper-headaches and the FDA has approved it for use in treating migraines. Because exactly how Botox works with migraines is unknown, it is assumed that the drug works by blocking the sensory nerves that are sending those chronic pain messages to the brain. Unfortunately the migraines will last but the effects of Botox will eventually wear off for these head ached patients and treatments for migraines are usually given every three months, but of the 12% of the American adult population that report chronic migraines and those that use Botox for relief, report their headache occurrences drop by more than half the instances. When you are a victim of chronic migraines a Botox session every quarter will deem itself beneficial. These sufferers will not only find relief from the throbbing headache because these injections have also proved to reduce nausea and vomiting, as well as those annoying sensitivities to noise, some aromas and lights.

Botox is also being studied as possibly being the next big thing for arthritis pain. In the studies that have occurred, the use of Botox has resulted in a decrease in pain and even an improvement in function with beneficial results lasting anywhere from three months to one year. Whether you are wanting to freeze your face while seeming as though you’ve frozen time and are ageless, or want to target the pains, aches, and sensitivities due to a health condition you can achieve all of this in the comfort of our sweet day spa here in Tacoma. At Spa Vita Bella you can call to schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Greg Pintor for a complimentary consultation to see if Botox is right for you. Filler injections are also available at Spa Vita Bella. With REAL noticeable results requiring no surgery and no recovery time. Restore that beautiful skin of yours!

Trevor @ Hop Creative