Detoxing Foot Soak

Detoxing. We have all heard of it and we know that there are TONS of different methods of detoxing: there are fruit and veggie detoxes, smoothies cleanses, sitting in the 145degree sauna every other day, dry brushing and multiplying your water intake just to name a few. But have you heard of the foot detox? First, why do we detox? Well that sacred body of yours- the one we only get one of so we must take care of, that’s a starter to why we detox. Also we want to make our bodies more alkaline because diseases live and breed in acidic environments. The more alkaline your body is the better defense you have at fighting disease. These foot soaks have shown to be beneficial for people suffering from cancer, yeast and fungal infections, GI disorders as well as other skin conditions. They work by neutralizing the free radicals and stopping them from causing damage to your body’s cells by stimulating circulation and metabolism which simply speed up your body’s own natural detoxification.

The bottom of your feet have thousands of pores making them the perfect and convenient outlet for a relaxing detoxing session. Here at Spa Vita Bella take a seat on our lavish pedicure chair while our therapeutic foot soak cleanses and invigorates your entire body. You can sit back and relax or flip through one of our many magazines or read through our detoxing foot chart to find out exactly what is flushing out of your body through your feet during your 40 minute appointment. Receive a discounted price when you make it a detoxing- day while pampering yourself and your body by pairing this treatment with another one of our amazing services:

Chi Detox Slimming Wrap – The process of body brushing leading to the application of a physical wrap that is applied using a technique that maximizes the amount of toxins that are flushed from your system. This combination works together to decrease the appearance of cellulite and tighten areas of the body where wrapped, inducing 4-10 inches of total body inch loss.

Detox Foot Massage – This 90 minute foot soak includes a scrub, dry body brush, Immunity EO blend and massage. It is the ultimatedetoxing foot bath!

Correcting Detox Facial – Does your skin feel congested and stuffed up? Then this deep cleansing and skin refining facial is perfect for that problematic skin! During your facial a thorough skin analysis is performed by one of our certified estheticians, followed by extractions and Clarisonic exfoliation for lasting and instant results. Love the products she used on your skin? Pick up your own for your bathroom on your way out before you book your next treatment with me at the check-out desk! Regular treatments help to control future problems as well as heal the skin and fight against over oil production in your glands.

40-minute Infrared Sauna Session – There are countless benefits to visiting the sauna. Detoxing as you know but checking into use the sauna also assists in shedding weight and toning your body, easing joint pain and aches, increasing circulation while decreasing blood pressure, as well as giving you a place of peace and mediation for a hot and effective 40 minutes.

Ready to book your day of detoxing and relaxing? Give us a ring at 253-460-4681 and we will get your appointments set up!

Trevor @ Hop Creative