Don’t let this be you: Wax Mishaps

I have heard several horror stories over the 3 years working front desk at Spa Vita Bella and they all basically boil down to; DON’T GET WAXED AT A NAIL SALON & DON’T DO IT YOURSELF! So here is a blog to explain some reasons why……..

Go to a Nail Salon for your nails, not hair removal…….

First and foremost Nail Technicians are not licensed to remove your hair; only certified licensed Cosmetologist and Estheticians have had proper training and educational requirements

to be performing this service.

– Most common Nail Salon mistakes

#1. Double dipping! Using the same stick on multiple clients adds hair follicles and dead skin cells back into hot wax pots which is just breeding bacteria! Huge no-no and just gross!

#2. Unaware of disinfecting procedures

#3. Not informing clients of after care wax tips


Leave the private part waxing to the professionals please!

Once wax is in place, there is no turning back! Applying too much wax or even not enough can result in ripping your skin off, which of course will cause more discomfort in days to come and an ugly scab..  not cute.

Lots to be aware of: Hair growth direction, hair length, temperature of wax, pre/post procedures, exfoliating, pressure, ingrowns, and irritation. Its hard to do it on yourself, and will really hurt if you don’t know what you’re doing. No matter how inexpensive a wax kit may be save the stress, pain and embarrassment of a mishap and come see an Esthetician at Spa Vita Bella.

We offer a friendly, comfortable atmosphere and a professional hair removal experience with highly trained Estheticians in all types of body waxing/sugaring.

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