Spa Vita Bella Treatments for Cellulite

Many people have a misinterpretation of what cellulite really is. Diet and exercise are not always enough to reduce the appearance of cellulite marks.

Cellulite is caused when our bodies store waste and toxins within fat pockets and fascial tissues. Working in the massage industry, I’ve noticed that cellulite and adhesions (feel like little knots in muscle tissue) caused by fascial restrictions in the soft tissues accompany one another.

If you have habits of caffeine, alcohol, bad carbohydrates, processed foods, reduced body movement, lack of water intake, and any other use of toxins; you most likely have both cellulite and soft tissue adhesions.

All of the above mentioned habits will cause the fascia to become stationary and reduce the amount of blood and lymph flow to the affected areas, thus minimizing the potential of one’s body to remove those unwanted waste, toxins, and even fat.

Some Spa Vita Bella treatments that will assist your body to reduce the cellulite naturally are deep tissue massage; dry brushing, full body scrubs, Detox body wraps, Detox foot soak, Detox essential oils/creams, and Infrared sauna sessions.

All of these treatments boost your body’s natural cleansing and rejuvenating properties. This causes the body’s organs to function better, bringing nutrients and “life” back to every cell in the body.

The state of one’s body will determine how effective, extensive, and how vigorous the treatments will be. Only one treatment or session will not get anyone very far, it is a steady process.

What can help intensify the effectiveness of any of the above treatments are Tai chi, yoga, Epsom salt baths, regular exercise, meditation or breathing exercises, healthier dietary choices, increased water intake, proper stretching, use of essential oils/creams, and minimizing any form of toxins used on or in our bodies.

I hope this helps anyone who is looking for an alternative to reduce their cellulite levels and increase their overall health. Check out our April Special for price-reduced treatments!

Trevor @ Hop Creative