Sunless Tanning

Who doesn’t love it when their skin looks sun-kissed, bronze and healthy?! We can’t argue and say we haven’t had an early and lovely summer here in the Pacific Northwest with temperatures breaking records and surprising us all- but who really has time away from their jobs, kids, or other priorities to sit in the sun and work on our golden glow? Not me! And who wants to willingly expose themselves to skin damaging UV rays and lay in a pool of your own sweat in a bed that someone else was lying in ten minutes prior while increasing their risk of destroying their DNA? Again, not me! If you are looking for the solution to obtaining radiant skin with a healthier option look no further because Tacoma’s own day spa, Spa Vita Bella is the latest performer in spray tanning! If you are unfamiliar with spray tanning, you will get lasting and immediate results after just one application of the tanning mist without baking in the sun or risking the health of your dermis under artificial lights. Visits to tanning booths darken your skin three times faster than the sun, but that doesn’t make sunbathing much safer because of the UV radiation emitted from both and the fact that any darkening of your melanin is due to it being damaged. For those who long for a deeper skin tone but want to do it in a safe way, airbrush tanning seems to be the solution.

In the safer alternative of spray tanning a mist is applied that contains an ingredient called Dihydroxyacetone- DHA which interacts with each individual’s own skin chemistry to turn it tan. The formula continues to work on your skin hours after it is applied- so don’t shower right away and let that beautiful bronze set in! DHA is not absorbed through the body so often times and if it is convenient, it is recommended that you sleep in your spray tan to achieve your best tan. Another benefit besides saving your skin, is that you can control the level of darkness you desire. With multiple shades and different mist pressures you can get a conservative sun-kiss or look like you’ve just returned from the Bahamas, I prefer the latter but for those with lighter wants the adjustable mister is a big perk.

Here at Spa Vita Bella we use top of the line SunFx spray tanning solutions that are hypo-allergenic, organic and naturally based to deliver the perfect tan, but like most great things in life, a spray tan is only temporary. Results will vary based on the way you care for your skin before AND after your tan, as well as how the DHA reacts with your own skin chemistry but you can usually expect to keep color for about 5-7 days. Want to know how to make your tan last before you come in for your amazing spray?! Visit our spray tanning page or just give us a call beforehand and we’ll let you know how to obtain and keep your BEST tan! Feeling extra bold?!- Ask about our rapid tan solution when you call to make your appointment with one of our expert spray- tanning technicians.

Trevor @ Hop Creative