The Winter Wonderland Massage

Winter is upon us. That usually means dry skin, colds and flus, and a little extra stress from the holidays. In addition, many people suffer a bit more depression, or the “winter blues” this time of year. In Spa Vita Bella’s massage department, we’d like to address all of these special winter needs with a luxurious and pampering massage treatment package.

The Winter Wonderland Massage Package:

  • Infrared Dry Sauna Session
  • Herbal Immune Support Foot Soak and Scrub
  • Full Body Mineral Salt scrub
  • Full Body Massage with All Natural Body Butter
  • Peppermint Scalp Massage

Start off with an Infrared Dry Sauna session. There are many health benefits received from our dry sauna, including boosting your immune system by helping to increase the production of white blood cells, interferon and killer T-cells, all of which are key players in a healthy and strong immune system and are even tough enough to help fight cancer cell growth! Sweat helps the body to eliminate toxins which also improves immunity. And even more incredibly, the body will also produce a special protein from the “heat shock” that helps rev up the immune system. Next you’ll receive a special Herbal Immune Support foot soak and foot scrub.  Soak your feet in a hot bath filled with immune boosting herbs like Echinacea, Elder Berry Extract, Ginger Root and Clove Bud. After your feet are feeling completely  pampered, the full body Salt Scrub will exfoliate dead skin cells and open the pores of the skin allowing them to better absorb nutrients from the moisture rich Bella Body Butter, made in house, with the ALL Natural Ingredients of just Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and Vitamin E Oil . Everyone knows massage boosts immunity, relieves stress and tension that leads to disease, lowers blood pressure and reduces depression and anxiety, but most importantly the full body massage just feels amazing! With the natural chocolaty scent from the Body Butter Massage, and the finishing touch of an Essential Oil peppermint Scalp Massage, it’s a divine 2 hour Winter Escape! The Winter Wonderland Massage Package is Valued at $190.

Book yourself today for just $150 or purchase as a gift for a special loved one.

Trevor @ Hop Creative