Healthy Home Care for a Clearer Complexion

clear skin.jpg


Recently a client had come in complaining of sudden breakouts forming all over their face and couldn’t figure out what they could do to fix this. Acne can be tricky for anyone to remedy on their own because like each one of us, every breakout is different and must be treated that way. When trying to decipher the cause of your breakouts, it’s important to start creating healthy skin habits to help rule out any possible cause(s).

Try changing or washing your pillowcases more often, or cleaning your phone screen daily so that the germs from your hands and everyday life aren't being rubbed into your skin with every phone call.  Many of us are guilty of not cleaning our makeup brushes or beauty blenders between each use. We often times believe that because we are the only ones using it, we aren’t spreading germs but that is untrue and can actually be a cause for breakouts. One of the biggest habits that you can create for yourself is to always double cleanse your skin after wearing makeup. More often times than not, we aren’t removing all of our makeup with the first cleanse, especially if we wear a primer! Cleansing your face twice after wearing makeup is essential for clearing out any makeup and daily dirt from your pores to create a smoother and more even complexion.

After discussing a couple of these healthy skin habits with my client, you could see them experience a moment of clarity towards all this. After applying some of these healthy habits to their life as well as switching up their skincare regime to be more personalized for them, clear skin was possible and happening faster than they expected.