Abdomen $25 Abdomen $45
Arms (full) $25 Arms (full) $35
Arms (half) $20 Arms (half) $30
Arms (under) $25 Arms (under) $30
Bikini (basic) $30 Bikini (basic) $35
Bikini (extended) $40 Bikini (extended) $50
Brazilian $75 Buttocks $40
$65 Back $45
Buttocks $30 Chest $45
Back (lower) $35 Feet $10
Feet $10 Hands $10
Hands $10 Legs (full) $85
Leg (full) $75 Legs (half) $50
Leg (half) $40 Neck (hair line) $15
Ingrown Hair Treatment* $50 Shoulders $25
Brow Design $20 Brows $15
Brow Mainentence $15 Nose $10
Chin $10
Face (cheeks/neck/chin) $35
Lip $10
Nose $10

*Ingrown Hair Treatment (30 min) – $50 
Clear your bikini area and any other area of ingrowns! Ingrown hairs can become infected, permanently darken the skin or leave behind a scar. This treatment cleanses the area with a salicylic scrub, extractions if necessary, followed by an acid peel to help free and prevent trapped hairs and blocked pores.  


  • Hair growth should be approximately ¼ inch long
  • Trimming of hair, at an additional cost, may be required for hair longer than ¼ of an inch. Trimming at home prior to appointment will provide a quicker Waxing experience. Please contact  Spa Vita Bella for more information and recommendations.
  • Shaving should not be performed between waxing appointments for best results
  • PLEASE NOTE - Waxing services cannot be performed if you are using Accutane, Retin A in any form, Antibiotics or any Medications that cause sensitivity to sunlight
  • Waxing cannot be preformed if area to be waxed has been exposed to UV Tanning in the last 24 hours
  • “No Scream Cream” Topical Numbing Cream is available for purchase for those being waxed for the first time or who may be slightly nervous. Call (253) 460-4681 to purchase prior to appointment.

Free Eye Brow Wax with any Brazilian Wax! (New Clients Only.)

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