Female Sugar Waxing

Male Sugar Waxing

Abdomen $30+ Abdomen $35+
Arms (full) $45+ Arms (full) $50+
Arms (half) $35+ Arms (half) $40+
Arms (under) $30+ Arms (under) $35+
Bikini (basic) $45+ Bikini (basic) $55+
Bikini (extended)
Bikini (maintenance)
Bikini (extended) $75+
Brazilian (maintenance)


Brazilian - Not available $95+
Buttocks crevice $15+ Buttocks  $45+
Buttocks $35+ Back $60+
Back (lower) $30+ Back (lower) $40+
Feet & Toes $15+ Chest $65+
Fingers & Hands $15+ Feet & Toes $15+
Hands $12+ Legs (full) $105+
Legs (full) $95+ Legs (half) $95+
Legs (half) $60+ Neck (hair line) $20+
Shoulders $35+
Brow Design $25+ Brows $20+
Brows $20+ Nose $15+
Chin $15+
Face (cheeks/neck/chin) $40+
Lip $15+
Nose $15+

*Trim $5+

*Anesthetic Numbing Spray $5
*Pricing may vary depending on Technicians credentials
*Waxing available upon request for an additional charge

Benefits of Sugar Waxing – Spa Vita Bella in Tacoma, WA


Natural Ingredients:

Sugar waxing is safe for the most sensitive skin. It is completely natural and made from organic ingredients; sugar, lemon, and water.


Sugaring Hair Removal sugar paste is applied with a gloved hand and a fresh ball of sugar paste is used on each client. It is hypoallergenic and gentle enough to be used on all skin types.


Sugaring Hair Removal sugar paste will not stick to live skin cells, so only dead skin cells are removed, therefore there is no risk of abrasion or tearing. It removes hair in the natural direction of the hair growth which eliminates breakage and in-grown hairs.


Sugaring Hair Removal is so gentle it can remove the vellus hair on the faces of some women and is safe for clients with sensitivities like excema and psoriasis. Temperature: Sugaring Hair Removal sugar paste is luke warm when it is applied, so there is no risk of burning the skin.


Sugaring Hair Removal sugar paste is applied against the direction of hair growth and the hair is removed in the natural direction of hair growth, resulting in less painful hair removal and reducing hair breakage.


Your hair must be an appropriate length in order for the sugar to remove it. If it is too short there will not be enough hair for the sugar to grab onto. It should be 14-21 days since your last shave which is approximately 1/4 inch or the length of a grain of rice. Anything shorter than that may result in hairs left behind or the need to reschedule due to the inability to remove it effectively. If you are in between waxes it should be 4-6 weeks since your last waxing appointment.

Spa Vita Bella provides professional sugar waxing services by licensed sugaring technicians. For professional sugar waxing services by a professional technician, call us to schedule an appointment at (253) 460-4681 or book online – Tacoma Sugar Waxing