Swedish Massage

60 Minutes $70
90 Minutes $100

Leaves you feeling relaxed and re-energized. Combats fatigue and improves circulation. Ultimate Relaxation!

Deep Tissue Massage

60 Minutes $85
90 Minutes $125

While relieving areas of chronic tension, this massage works deep to re-align the body and liberate movement.

Hot Stone Massage

60 Minutes $85
90 Minutes $125

Specialty massage where the therapist uses smooth, heated stones, as an extension of their own hands by placing them on the body while they massage other parts of the body. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles so the therapist can work more deeply, more quickly.

Prenatal Massage

60 Minutes $75
90 Minutes $110

Melt away the aches and pains caused by the stresses of carrying your baby. Our specifically placed cushions will allow you to lie comfortably throughout your entire massage.

Bella Foot Therapy and Massage


Essential Oil Foot Bath, followed by a soothing 40 minute lower leg and foot Massage. Concludes with an exfoliating salt glow and a hydrating paraffin treatment.

Spa Vita Bella Signature Massage

75 Minutes $145

This integrated full body massage combines both Swedish and Deep Tissue strokes to suit your needs. It includes our Peppermint Scalp Massage, enhanced foot soak and scrub, and a special Citrus Essential oil blend designed to refresh and rejuvenate.

Romance Luxury Massage Package

90 Minutes $180

This 90 minute pampering treatment begins with a relaxing warm foot soak that incorporates red wine, rose petals and fragrant hibiscus followed by an aroma rich chocolate, wine and roses foot scrub. Next is a full body dry brush exfoliation and hot steamed towel treatment to prepare for the melted Cocoa Butter body wrap where your skin will bask in a warm chocolaty cocoon. This decadent treatment finishes with a relaxing Swedish Massage and extended Foot Massage applied with a Rose Essential Oil blend that is designed to make anyone feel like Royalty! 
*Edible Chocolates, Real Rose stem, and Glass of wine available.


75 Minutes $125

A full 75 minutes of luxurious body and skin pampering. This treatment begins with a full body Dry Brush exfoliation to brush away and open the pores to absorb the moisture application. Next your technician will apply melted Cocoa Butter over the entire body and then wrap you in a warm and cozy cocoon to enhance relaxation and ultimate skin moisturization. Bask in the warm Cocoa Butter while receiving a head, scalp and face massage. Once the wrap is removed the treatment is finished off with a full body Cocoa Butter Swedish Massage.


75 Minutes $125

Full body Salt Scrub and Polish with all natural Body Butter Massage.

Detox Massage

90 Minutes $160

Herbal Detox foot soak and scrub, Dry Body Brush, Immunity EO blend, and Massage. *Infrared Sauna add on $10

30 Minute Swedish


Beginners Massage

30 Minutes $45

Introduction to Massage - Fully clothed

Focused Therapy

30 Minutes $50

Immediate relief and focus for specific areas of tension... not a full body massage

Knead to Stretch

60 min $85
90 min $125

Pre/post workout Massage, consists of compressions, jostling and passive stretching wearing gym clothes.

Immune Boost Massage

90 Minutes $160

Herbal Immune Support foot soak and scrub, Dry Body Brush, Immunity EO blend, and Massage. *Complimentary Electrolyte drink.